BitTorrent introduces WhatsApp-killer Bleep

This item was posted at 2014-08-09 14:51:04 by Kilian


BitTorrent move and the next step in the development of a common decentralized chat client. The WhatsApp-killer promises 100 percent privacy and is now the first test phase on Windows. 

The peer-to-peer (and server-free) chat service BitTorrent is intended for private conversations between friends, journalists and their shielded sources, politicians and diplomats who want to be overheard and business users who want to share information without fear for industrial espionage. Actually for everyone so. WhatsApp make your chest but wet? Pioneer BitTorrent Indeed maintain good name. 

We are not there yet. The secure, encrypted chat service was announced last December as BitTorrent Chat. When it became clear that the peer-to-peer pioneer chooses a decentralized distribution system (DHT) without storing metadata and which can be too. Chatting without a username The exchange of public key encryption is key. 

Alpha on Windows 

The new name of BitTorrent Chat, which is now in the testing phase, reads Bleep. The message service is after (possibly anonymous) registration available as pre-alpha. Get the early testers from today an email with access to Bleep on the Windows desktop. They can invite friends in turn. 

BitTorrent first wants to see how the chat client works on Windows 7 and 8 An account can not yet be installed on a single device. The visuals, user interface and features are still in development. 

"Anything you say is 'bleep' to us," according to the makers.