Google Chrome: 64bit-version 25% faster

This item was posted at 2014-06-12 12:58:34 by Joris

Google Chrome Logo

Google has released a 64-bit test version of Google Chrome. The 64-bit version of the browser, is not only safer and more stable, but especially faster according to Google.

The version is currently only available through the dev and canary-channels, but only should eventually find its way into the beta channel and finally the channel for normal end users, says Google. The period within which that will happen is not yet known.

For now the 64bit version is only available for users of Windows 7, and 8; it is unclear when the Linux and OS X versions of the popular browser support 64bit.

According to Google, the 64bit version is faster because they can make us of the 64bit instruction set. Average performance of the 64bit version is 25 percent better, says Google. Especially on websites with lots of graphics content.

In addition, the new version more stable; the 64bit version would only crash half as often due to errors in the rendering. The security should be improved, partly because Windows 8 uses a safer version of address space randomization. Also attempts to exploit jit-spraying, where the just-in-time compiler is abused, should now have less chance of succeeding

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