Netflix will know exactly what you want to watch

This item was posted at 2014-06-30 21:12:31 by Kilian

In 2025 Netflix will exactly know what its users want to watch. They don’t have to scroll through a list of movies and TV shows anymore but will be shown three recommendations most relevant to them at that time.

That predicts Neil Hunt, head of product development at Netflix, in a vision he shared. U.S. media

Netflix now recommends that all programs and movies, but in the future it should go much further. Hunt argues that Netflix is not 100 percent sure that you can find a particular show at that time wants to watch, but there are three suggestions are given for example.

The traditional home screen with a list of programs and films disappears so. "Our view is that you don’t have to go through a list of titles anymore."  


Hunt also predicts that there is no normal TV channels will be. More in the future Television will all move to the internet and eventually personalized TV channels win.

Netflix is the personalized future as a real possibility for the future. "We come from far and still have a lot to do," added Hunt on to state. According to Wired Netflix now gives just as much on building the technology for personalization as before to build the infrastructure of the streaming service.


Hunt also expects the advertising model is all changing. He argues that companies like Netflix evidence that consumers are willing to pay for an ad-free platform.

"In the future, large companies will have to find other places to advertise, or they can use the same personalization technology to show to just the right audience. Much less advertising" Whether that means ads will be shown on Netflix is not clear. However, this risk seems small, yet Netflix recently increased the price of the subscription in order to get more money.


The content of programs will change dramatically if it is to Netflix. If there is no normal TV channels are more no longer need to keep. A limited time programmers Furthermore things like cliffhangers no longer needed because users can watch. Series at once

Finally, there is more room for small shows. That allows Hunt in response to criticism that the offer on Netflix dated and the great new shows not to view. "There are no bad programs, but just a lot of programs with a small but dedicated audience."

Get small shows, according to Hunt on online TV services a much greater risk than the normal TV channels where a minimum number of viewers is needed.