Popcorn Time: the free Netflix alternative

This item was posted at 2014-06-19 13:34:27 by Kilian

Popcorn Time is known as the free Netflix alternative and has become immensely popular within a short time. Why is the streaming service so popular and how does it work?

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a free program that allows users to search for movies and TV series , to stream and watch them on their computer in high quality without downloading first.

How does Popcorn Time work?

Films and series are downloaded from Popcorn Time via the torrent protocol, allowing the user to download the movie as well as upload while the video is playing. When downloading torrents should normally wait until the entire file on the hard disk.

When you press the play button, it first searches for available peers, or dispatchers who are also video viewing. If enough peers are found, and the speed is high enough (about 1MB per second), it plays back the video.

Popcorn Time lets see movies and series. Among other things based on genre or popularity The interface is very similar to that of Netflix, where movies and series of additional information be provided. As a brief introduction and trailer In many videos are also available subtitles, usually including the Dutch subtitles.

Is Popcorn Time illegal?

Yes. Because Popcorn Time works through the torrent protocol, users download and upload copyrighted material. Popcorn Time is therefore just as illegal as downloading torrents from The Pirate Bay for example.

What are the dangers of Popcorn Time?

Because the service is illegal, the possibility that copyright holders Popcorn Time-users will sue exist. However, this is rare in the Netherlands, where lawsuits between the entertainment industry and individual downloaders hardly occur. In Germany, however, already Popcorn Time Users sentenced to fines.

Popcorn Time includes the use of virtual private networks (VPN) VPN seems like a computer in another state, so that the user cannot be traced. This would have to offer anonymity when using the streaming service. The disadvantage of VPN is that the connection can be slowly.

What are the legal options?

Netflix is the most logical option for legal Popcorn Time. Both services offer movies and series, and can be used. Multiple devices However, the supply of Netflix is not as big and date as the illicit supply of Popcorn Time.

Other options for online renting movies and series are Google Play Movies, iTunes, Videoland, Moviemax and Pathe.

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