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uTorrent is freeware software for downloading torrents. uTorrent is a ad-supported, closed source BitTorrent client. It is the most widely used uTorrent client outside China. The program has received consistently good reviews for its feature set, performance, stability, and support for older hardware and versions of Windows. The program has been in active development since its first release in 2005. uTorrent is available for Microsoft Windows 8 and all versions below.

  • uTorrent is a free download program
  • Safely works on any windows version
  • Download free videos, games and more..
  • Used by over 2.6 billion people

uTorrent Reviews

On 2014-07-03 10:20:33 by Kim

uTorrent is for me the best program to download torrents! Thank you Downloadify for this download.

On 2014-07-02 09:14:22 by Eduard

The best torrent download program! Very quick install and very fast downloads with uTorrent!

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